MS polymer adhesives and sealants for the transportation and construction industry

Adhesives and sealants based on Modified Silane Polyethers, better known as MS polymers, are successfully being applied in various industries in a broad and diverse range of applications. Due to their unique composition, the benefits of other technologies, such as silicones and polyurethanes, are combined into a single product. Examples of these benefits include a primer-free bond, excellent weather resistance, perfectly overpaintable with various lacquer and paint systems, and a product that is very safe to use! SABA’s primary MS polymer product lines are Sabatack® and Sababuild®.

MS polymer adhesives for the transportation industry

In the transportation industry, MS polymer adhesives are used to create various elastic bonds and seals. Examples include bonding and sealing cabins, trailers, windows, side panels, interior fit-ups and sandwich panels in trucks, buses and railway cars.

An MS polymer adhesive creates a strong bond combined with a high degree of elasticity. That makes the technology perfectly suitable for the transportation industry and offers benefits in comparison to traditional fixing systems.

MS polymer adhesives for the transportation industry

MS polymer sealants in the construction industry

In the construction industry, MS polymer sealants are used as a sealant for expansion joints, as well as an adhesive for bonding a wide range of materials. The technology can be applied to virtually all of the materials found in the construction industry. Due to the many benefits of MS polymer sealants in comparison to other technologies, this technology often is the preferred choice for sealing façades, floors, wall panels and biogas tanks, for example. Furthermore, MS polymers are also preferred for sealing transits to ensure they are fireproof and smoke-resistant, and for making airducts airtight.

Benefits of MS polymer adhesives and sealants

MS polymer adhesives and sealant offer significant benefits to the transportation and construction industry:

  • Almost all materials can be joined together;
  • Lots of freedom in the design of the end product;
  • The end product's life is extended;
  • Fast and easy to apply;
  • It ensures an even stress distribution;
  • MS polymer has a sound-insulating effect.
We have described all the benefits of MS polymer adhesive and sealant in an article.


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Advantages of MS polymer for users

Not only does MS polymer provide significant benefits to the end product, there are also 4 major benefits to the user:

  • Free of solvensts, isocyanates and silicones; no hazard labels;
  • People and environmental-friendly;
  • MS polymer hardly sticks to the skin and can easily be washed off (if it has not yet cured);
  • Virtually odor-neutral.

MS polymer adhesives and MS polymer sealants benefits

Isocyanate-free MS polymer technology

MS polymer sealants and adhesives are safe to use. In contrast to, for example, polyurethane (PU) adhesives, they do not contain any isocyanates. Isocyanates are known as skin-irritating substances that during application can be hazardous for eyes and airways. Isocyanate-free MS polymer sealants and adhesives therefore significantly enhance safety during application.

With the use of isocyanate-containing adhesives there is a chance that under humid conditions blisters and bubbles will form in the bond or seal. This is not the case with MS polymers. Due to the absence of isocyanates in MS polymers, this technology can also be applied under humid conditions.

SABA’s MS polymer technology Sabatack® and Sababuild®

Sabatack® and Sababuild® products are manufactured on the basis of MS polymers and are applied in various markets in the transportation and construction industry. Our product range consists of 1 and 2-component, humidity-curing, elastic adhesives and sealants. Our products guarantee blister-free curing, even under conditions of extremely high humidity. In addition, due to their UV stability and moisture resistance, Sabatack® and Sababuild® are also suitable for exterior applications. This creates a good appearance and a sustainable, reliable seal.

Sabatack® and Sababuild®: safe and sustainable

SABA’s MS polymer technology-based adhesives and sealants can be applied in a sustainable and safe way. Due to their unique composition, the label does not contain any hazard symbols. This is because they are free of isocyanates and other hazardous substances.

Sabatack® and Sababuild® products carry SABA’s ‘Sustainable bond’ quality mark, which means they have the least possible impact on people and the environment, without compromising on quality. In addition to safety, the products in this line are furthermore very user friendly.

The chemical composition of SABA’s MS polymer-based products is formulated such that it easily comes off when washing your hands. Uncured residuals remaining after sealing and bonding work can be removed easily and quickly. That makes it pleasant to use for the person(s) applying these products. 

Sabatack® and Sababuild®: safe and sustainable
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