Infrastructure and civil engineering

Infrastructure and civil engineering

SABA has developed high-quality sealing products and systems especially for infrastructure and civil engineering projects. We supply durable sealing products that can also be processed efficiently, together with specific project advice. In this way we realize a strong bond in both technical and personal terms. The SABA range is used for applications including:

  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Parking
  • Stadiums
  • Road construction

Sustainable, fast and efficient

For large concrete fields at airports, ports and in roads and car parks, it is important that the joint seals can be applied fast and efficiently, so that the location does not have to be closed off for too long and costs are saved.
We developed our SABA Sealer systems especially for situations of this kind. With the combination of fast drying times and advanced application tools, infrastructure shutdown time is greatly reduced. This results in cost savings and increased profits.

Product overview
Airport runway sealed with chemical resistant SABA sealant.
Concrete car park sealed with SABA concrete sealant
Sealants for (prefab) concrete sealing

When building car parks or stadiums, everything must contribute to a pleasant and safe feeling for the visitors. That also applies for watertight prefab concrete seals. That's why SABA supplies highly flexible sealing products and systems specially geared to car parks and stadiums, which will remain 100% watertight. Why is that so special? Due to temperature variations, mechanical loads and settlement of the subsoil and structure, movements occur that often cannot be fully accommodated by conventional crack-bridging systems. SABA sealing products and systems can handle these movements without any difficulty. 

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Sealing bridging joints and concrete fields

Concrete structures often bear sharply varying loads. This makes movements in the main expansion joints unpredictable. Naturally, you want to be able to rely on a durable seal under all circumstances. This is why we developed the SABA Sealflex systems. With these, you can realize impermeable seals for the most complex bridging joints. The bridging joint can accommodate movements of up to 25% of the joint width without problems. 

SABA offers two Sealflex systems based on different sealants: 1 or 2-component and MS-Polymer or polysulphide. The choice depends mainly on the chemical or micro-biological load and the preferences of the processor.

Bridging joint in car park
Sealing products for infrastructure and civil engineering

SABA sealing systems are applied successfully worldwide in different infrastructure projects. For joint seals in concrete elements, for example, in road construction, at bus and tram stops, on platforms, roundabouts and parking bays. SABA has developed innovative products for this which, thanks to their unique technical properties, also give durable performance in heavy-use situations.

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