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The chemical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Our sector plays a key role in the fields of innovation and sustainability. Adhesives and sealants are used in incredibly many products and therefore have a major impact on the world. SABA takes its responsibility in this seriously and places sustainability high on its agenda. Together with you, we are on the way to ‘a sustainable bond’.

Quality and sustainability

Our specialists work on the sustainability of our products every day.

Lower environmental impact

We strive for the lowest possible environmental impact, both in our production process and for our products.

Free of hazard symbols

The balance between people, environment and results is key.

What is 'a sustainable bond'?

'A sustainable bond’ shows which steps SABA is taking now to protect people and the environment. It is the dot on the horizon for a more sustainable future.

  • Use and reuse of products. SABA regards having a lower environmental impact in terms of the use and reuse of its products as an important product development goal.
  • Low environmental impact in the production process. Aim is to reduce the environmental impact of our production process to the minimum possible.
  • Certification. SABA complies with national and international standards and is certified in many areas.

SABA employee

  • Challenging working environment. SABA offers its employees a challenging working environment that permits employees to develop themselves to the fullest of their capabilities and ambitions.
  • A balance between people, the environment and results. SABA has anchored Corporate Social Responsibility in its management approach by aiming for a balance between people, the environment and results.
  • Charitable causes. We actively support charitable causes, both in kind and with donations.
  • Energy-neutral building. The new SABA building will be built with further growth in mind, but with as little negative impact for people and the environment as possible. The office building is energy-neutral and has a sedum roof. Solar panels provide for much of the energy needs of both the office and the plant. 
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Discover our 'a sustainable bond' products now!

The label 'a sustainable bond' helps you to identify products that have a lower impact on people and the environment, without compromising on quality. In this way, we contribute towards the safety of users and work with our customers on a more sustainable world. With the choice of sustainable products that meet specific requirements in the fields of bonding, strength and resilience.

The adhesives and sealants with the label are:

  • Free of hazard symbols
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Sustainably applicable
  • Safe to apply
  • Certified

For example, the products carry one of the following certificates: Emicode EC1 Plus, ISEGA or Wheelmark.

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