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Adhesives for furniture manufacturing

High demands are made in the furniture industry for bonding of soft foam. SABA has therefore developed a number of smart, professional bonding systems especially for your sector. Ideal for bonding different types of foam to the most varied substrates. At SABA, you have a choice of water-based adhesives, hotmelt adhesives and solvent-borne adhesives developed especially for comfort and project furniture.

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  • Durable
  • Efficient in use
  • Safe
  • Fast and easy application

Durable, efficient and safe. At SABA, that is the standard.

We would dare to call all our adhesive systems unique, because they are extremely cost-effective and easy to use. Our furniture adhesives are also fully tailored to your application requirements. With their instant tack, they guarantee a fast and effective production process. The result is material bonding that complies with the most stringent requirements: a comfortable, permanently soft adhesive line. The bonds are suitable for intensive use and resistant to high temperatures and aggressive cleaning agents.

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Service you can build on

SABA is happy to go a step further and advise you on every level on the right furniture adhesive and the best application method. This is an extensive service, ranging from practical assistance with implementation in your production process to training your employees on the most efficient and safest use, always with the aim that you achieve optimal performance and can supply high-quality furniture.

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