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The growth of online mattress sales is changing the mattress industry. Many producers today pack mattresses immediately after assembly and ship them directly to customers, without them lying in stock.
But how is that possible if a water-based adhesive needs drying time before it can be packed and shipped?


Integrated drying step

SABA Produce & Pack is the standard for efficient production of bed-in-box mattresses, reducing costs and improving quality control. Thanks to our unique water-based rollable adhesive and integration of a forced drying step in your production line, no drying time is necessary. The result is an optimized process, more efficient operations and immediate packing of your mattresses. Ready for delivery!

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"With SABA’s help, we solved a major storage and production problem in our production plant." Jerry Rop Galaxy Furniture and Bedding
Jerry Rop

More efficient transport

Reduce your storage costs and avoid extra goods shipments. With the integrated process, mattresses are rolled, packaged and shipped right away! An infrared drying unit evaporates the water from the adhesive developed especially for this process. The drying step activates the adhesive and ensures optimal bonding of your foam parts.

  • Immediate roll packing
  • Zero dry time
  • Ready for transport
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