Biochemical industry

Which sealant will you choose?

SABA MS Polymer products are resistant to relatively high temperatures and other demands arising in biochemical storage tanks, silos and storage basins. Our sealant systems are used for applications including sealing joints, tank panels, tank base connections and as surface protection in the form of a coating. What sealant is best depends partly on: 

  • the nature, pH and temperature of the substances stored in the basins, tanks or silos
  • the actual seal location: for instance between the plates, at the base of the tank or at the bottom or the wall
  • the standards that apply, such as CE marking based on EN 15651-4, Emicode EC1 plus or NSF ANSI 61

Man coating wells, sewers and separators
Watertight sealants for wells, sewers and separators

Wells, sewage pipes and separators for the storage or passage of, for instance, waste water, must not be allowed to leak. For better security and durability, the contact surfaces can be protected with a coating as a preventive measure or during renovation. Watertight sealing of joints between the (prefab) concrete elements is extremely important in order to prevent leaks and so avoid subsidence or soil contamination. SABA is specialized in durable, 100% watertight sealing of wells, sewers and separators. We would be happy to tell you more about the options. Feel free to contact us!

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PVC adhesive for horticulture and industry

SABA PVC adhesives are a household name in horticulture. For decades, SABA products have been used for bonding PVC pipes in sprinkler irrigation installations. Skills dating back generations form the foundation of the quality and ease of use of the current range of SABA adhesives. SABA PVC adhesives have excellent resistance to the nutrients used in horticulture. SABA’s PVC adhesives are also extremely well-suited to bonding (high) pressure connections and drainage pipes and meet all requirements imposed for bonding of drinking water systems.

PVC pipes for horticulture
Man with sustainable SABA sealants
Safe choice: solutions that are both without hazard symbols and certified

Thanks to their composition, SABA MS Polymers have no labeling obligations and do not require any hazard symbols. This is a positive factor and important for all end users. The products are free of isocyanates and solvents, protecting both the processor and the environment. The products are not only certified but regular tests, including customer-specific ones, are carried out on the bonding properties, strength and tolerance of the products.

Product overview
What is the right sealing system for your tank or silo?

Durable seals are an important part of the construction or renovation of tanks and silos. Various aspects play a major role in the choice of the right sealing material. This document provides a more in-depth discussion of two sealing technologies used in the tank construction sector: sealants based on MS polymer (MSP) and sealants based on polyurethane (PU).

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