Smart solutions
for bodywork and trailer assembly

Smart solutions for bodywork and trailer assembly

SABA adhesives and sealants for bodywork and trailer assembly comply with the highest standards of elasticity, strength and durability. They also offer excellent adhesion to many different materials, including glass fiber-reinforced polyester, polypropylene, powder coatings, polycarbonates, PMMA, composites, glass and metals. SABA adhesives and sealants are suitable for:

  • Sealing chassis parts, welds, bodywork, roofing, floors, panels and interior parts
  • Structural bonding of body parts, panels, roofing and floor elements
  • Bonding and sealing windows made of mineral glass, polycarbonate or other plastics
  • Coating floor elements

Adhesives and sealants for a more efficient process

Our innovative R&D specialists and highly skilled technical representatives, often trained European Adhesive Specialists and Engineers, can share ideas on your production process. We research ways to realize bonding and sealing faster and more securely for you. We test our adhesives and sealants on the materials used in your production environment. We also advise on the optimal deployment of application equipment and machinery. In addition, our SABA application specialists are always ready to provide training and support for your production workers in adhesion and sealing processes, and in accordance with DIN 2304. The result for you: a more efficient production process.

MS Polymer technology

For years, SABA been a leader in the development and production of adhesives and sealants for bodywork assembly. With Sabatack®, we offer a unique product portfolio, based on MS Polymer technology. Due to its unique composition, Sabatack® has no labelling obligation and requires no hazard symbols. This is because the products contain no solvents, silicones or isocyanates. Isocyanates are harmful to humans and the environment. Breathing protection masks and special safety clothing must be worn while working with products containing isocyanates. Other benefits of SABA’s MS Polymer products include excellent bonding with metals and plastics, wet-on-wet overpaintable (no blistering) and the UV stability.

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Sabatack® is produced on the basis of MS Polymer and therefore offers a large number of advantages in comparison with other products available in the market.

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Which pretreatment?

The right pretreatment of the substrate is crucial for a lasting bond. SABA’s years of testing and practical experience in the transport industry are bundled in a handy pretreatment configurator. In a few simple steps, you receive free advice on the right pretreatment in your situation.

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