Adhesives and sealants
for construction

For more than 85 years, the name SABA has stood for premium quality adhesives and sealants for professional use. With our knowledge and cost effective solutions for bonding and sealing, we are able to help you produce better and more sustainable products or projects in a safe and efficient way.

Proven service life of 25 years

Our sealant systems prove their value in the most varied and extreme conditions. Joint seals that were made more than 25 years ago still continue to perform effectively today.

Personal support

Service is an important part of SABA’s added value. Our application specialists offer you support via training on location, tips for application and introduction of the latest application techniques.

A total solution

In addition to producing quality adhesives and sealants, SABA has taken an integral approach to all aspects of adhesives, sealants and applications. In other words, we offer a total solution. We are committed to providing you with personal, customized advice for complete, cost-effective solutions.

Choose your market

SABA makes things easy for you. When it comes to joint and sealant systems, we take all worries off your hands and also help you to save costs. From specific advice to the application, and even beyond. We are also a reliable partner when it comes to maintenance and aftercare. There is a good reason why our slogan is: SABA, a strong bond.

Building and Industrial construction

SABA adhesives and sealants for the construction and building industry comply with the highest standards of elasticity, strength and durability. With more than 85 years of experience, our knowledge brings an added value that surpasses all others making SABA the number one partner to those in the construction and building industry.

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Biochemical industry

Whether for storage tanks, water basins or silos, for wheat and manure: SABA offers the right sealants for the biochemical industry.

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Petrochemical industry

SABA’s commitment to expert advice, quality sealing products and efficient systems extends to the bio and petrochemical industry.

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Infrastructure and civil engineering

SABA has developed high-quality sealing products and systems especially for infrastructure and civil engineering projects. Our sealing systems are used successfully worldwide in a variety of applications and projects.

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