About us

We are SABA

In just over 90 years, SABA has grown to become a global player in adhesives and sealants for specific B2B markets. Thanks to our focus on a select number of sectors, we offer unrivalled added value, with innovative products. Above all, we are a knowledge partner who helps raise customer processes and projects to a higher level.
Thanks to this targeted strategy, we are the leader in adhesives for foam bonding and chemically-resistant sealants. In Europe, we are also developing into a leading supplier of advanced adhesives and sealants for the transport industry.


We set the bar high Partnership with the customer is not just a mission, but something we continually invest in. With our knowledge of bonding and sealing, we continually raise the processes and projects of our customers to a higher level. We aim to achieve better, more sustainable results, lower total costs and a positive contribution for people and the environment. In other words, a partnership which makes things better for all of us and the world.


1933: the start-up

Our history begins in 1933, with a small traditional company in chemical products. It was named SABA, a combination of the first two letters of the names of the founders Salm and Baruch.

The 1960s: sealants are booming

The reconstruction of large construction volumes called for advanced products that were easy to apply. That led SABA to develop special sealants for the glazing market and later for broad application in the construction industry.

The 1990s: SABA introduces water-based adhesives

In order to meet the growing demand for environment-friendly products, SABA became the first company in the world to introduce a water-based adhesive that bonds instantly. Those properties were immediately embraced by the foam processing industry.

Now: leaders in specialized applications

SABA has focused its activities on three main markets: Foam, Transportation and Construction.

We invest in innovations and relationships

We do not rest on our laurels, but prioritize responses to new demands and requirements from the market. We spend more than 10% of our total budget on R&D. However, we cannot and do not do it alone. Naturally, we listen closely to signals from our customers, and work with universities, research and knowledge institutes. Results speak for themselves:  every one of our products are State of the Art in the market. SABA also goes far beyond that! We share ideas on the right application with the best application equipment. We train employees who work with our products and give detailed explanations on their use. This gets us further in terms of efficiency, durability and safety. With SABA, teamwork is the core value of what we do.

Our service for you

People make our success

We are active world-wide. Our international establishments together form a single large business. This enables us to share knowledge and experience giving you the opportunity to benefit optimally from our versatile qualities. Feel free to contact us, we have a representative nearby, looking forward for the opportunity to team up with you.

SABA worldwide

Knowledge in practice

SABA knows a large number of sector organisations, of which it is a member, which it supports or with which it exchanges knowledge. We are happy to list them for you. And please check out their websites!