Adhesives for foam bonding

At SABA, we stand for more than a great product. SABA supplies leading adhesive for foam technologies for flexible bonding to various materials and substrates, in multiple foam bonding markets. Discover SABA’s solutions for the Mattress manufacturing-, Foam converting-, and Comfort & Project furniture market.

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Bonding adhesives for mattress manufacturing

SABA has developed water based- and hot-melt adhesives for every type of mattress and application process. Discover all market specific innovations, request a demo or download our whitepaper ‘How to save time in your mattress production process?’ now!

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bonding technologies for comfort and project furniture

SABA’s product portfolio for this segment consists of water based-, hot melt-, and solvent borne adhesives that are especially developed for this market. The glues for foam bonding offer a fast and therefore, cost-effective production process. Discover all advantages & solutions or download our E-Book ‘Why CR-Free adhesives for foam bonding?’ now!

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Adhesives for foam converting

SABA has created a product portfolio of versatile adhesive systems that help towards a safe working environment and are easy to applicate. Our advisers coordinate the bonding adhesive systems perfectly with your products and application method. See all innovations for this segment or request a demo!

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