Construction and building industry

Construction and building industry

With more than 85 years of experience, we know what we are talking about. There are good reasons why we are the number one partner for all parties in the construction and building industry. Whether they are contractors, construction companies, architects, application companies or the building supply industry, thanks to our in-house research and customized advice, we always provide them with the best joint systems and sealant systems for every project and company.

Indoor and outdoor sealants

Whether it be for housing or business properties, a lasting fire-resistant or chemical resistant seal is sometimes needed or mandatory. SABA indoor and outdoor sealants are wear-resistant, sustainable and will last for years. We offer a range of adhesives and sealants for applications including:

  • Walls, façades and windows
  • Walkways and balconies
  • Floors
  • Sanitary facilities and kitchens
  • Applications requiring smoke resistance and/or fire resistance.

Product overview
Man sealing walls, façades and windows with SABA
Safe choice: solutions that are both without hazard symbols and certified Thanks to their composition, SABA MS Polymers have no labelling obligations and do not require any hazmat symbols. This is a positive factor and important for all end users. The products are free of isocyanates and solvents, protecting both the processor and the environment. Our products are certified and regular tests are carried out on the bonding properties, strength and tolerance of the products. This includes tests that are specific to our customer requirements and applications.
Building industry

SABA adhesives and sealants for the building industry comply with the highest standards of elasticity, strength and durability. Do you want to know which adhesive or sealant best suits your production process? We offer customized personal advice and conduct tests for you in our R&D lab to determine which product best suits the production materials that you use. With our secure and sustainable solutions you are guaranteed the following:

  • High-quality bonding and sealing
  • Adhesion to many different materials
  • Safe for people and the environment
  • Free of CMR substances.

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