Twiga Travel Cars

Ooij, The Netherlands

Sturdy desert trucks bonded with Sabatack® 750

 The route to Twiga Travel Cars is just as adventurous as the company itself. You arrive at the Twiga Travel Cars hall in Ooij via winding roads through a beautiful dike landscape. A specialist expert team makes world travellers' dreams reality here. It takes some 9 months to produce a custom-made travel car that the client can use to travel though deserts, mountains and other rugged landscapes. Willem Thijssen, owner of Twiga Travel Cars, explained that he became familiar with SABA after using it to fit lightweight MonoPan® panels to their travel cars. Sabatack® 750 is used to bond the sandwich panels to the steel chassis. And successfully too: the bonding easily withstands the fierce conditions.

Some 10 to 15 travel cars are delivered every year varying in price from €80,000 to €1,000,000 per car. Twiga Travel Cars shares a tremendous passion with its customers; a passion that is expressed in smart solutions and choice of materials, as well as in the cooperative approach within the company and towards the customer. Willem spoke with pride about their unique approach

"The lightweight panels are bonded to a self-designed welded chassis. It's as tough as nails and no screws are used." Compared with traditional bonding technologies, adhesive remains elastic for a long time enabling good absorption of such things as vibration and movement due to temperature fluctuations." Willem Thijssen Owner of Twiga Travel Cars
Willem Thijssen

They used a polyurethane adhesive prior to switching to SABA. However, the adhesion to the MonoPan® material was not entirely satisfactory. Adhesion tests were conducted in cooperation with SABA. The expert team at Twiga Travel Cars is now working with a combination of Sabaclean 48SABA Primer 9002 (for the painted side) and Sabatack® 750. Applying the adhesive is amazingly quick since they switched from cartridges to a pneumatic sausage gun. This also results in a significant reduction in waste levels.

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