Which equipment is needed to apply SABA adhesives?

The shape of the substrate to be bonded is what actually determines the application method. Adhesive is often applied to irregular shapes in a contact-free manner, so with a spraying method. Flat surface bonds are made with a roller system, with the adhesive being applied through contact with the rollers.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages for all application methods, such as water-based, solvent-borne or hotmelt adhesives. For example, applying adhesive with a roller is a cleaner working method than spraying. But applying adhesive with a spray gun allows greater flexibility.

Capacity and business size also play a role here. A rolling machine and an automated production line call for a different investment from a spraying cabin or line with manual spray guns. As a rule, the production rate is more consistent with a rolling machine, resulting in higher production capacity and output.

In brief

There are two application methods: automated rolling and manual or automated spraying. SABA has specific adhesives for every application and every application method.

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