Minor maintenance helps prevent major maintenance

Inspection and preventive and other maintenance help to counter the effects of wear and tear and contribute towards a longer service life and better quality of the seal.

Henri van Geenen
Author Henri van Geenen Senior Account Manager

Prevention > cure

Inspection and preventive maintenance help prevent further damaging

Save money through inspection and maintenance

Decrease Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Service life of 20+ years

Inspection and maintenance contribute to longer service life and better quality of SABA sealants.

Inspection and preventive maintenance of joint seals, why?

Like all building materials, joint seals are subject to wear and tear due to external influences. Ultimately, the result of the external influences, regardless of whether they are mechanical, thermal or chemical, is a reduction in service life.

SABA has years of experience in maintenance and renovation projects which have proved in practice that preventive and other maintenance can save money and considerably reduce the cost item. The result of good and timely preventive and other maintenance is increased service life of a seal (20+ years) and higher quality. Ultimately, inspection and preventive maintenance ensure a reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Would you like to save cost on maintenance?

Use inspection and maintenance to your benefit. We would like to help you setup a maintenance plan.

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"When preventive or other maintenance is performed, not only are the damaged parts replaced, but degradation of sound parts is also controlled. Small maintenance helps prevent major maintenance." Henri van Geenen Senior accountmanager
Henri van Geenen

Inspection of joint seals

Frequent inspection of joint seals helps to identify the effects of external influences in a timely manner. The visual assessment of the quality of the seal and the external influences (type of influence and intensity) determine whether maintenance should take place in the near future or whether it can be postponed and if so, for how long. Visual features of damaged joint seals may be:

  • A non-intact bond,
  • Breaking edges of the substrate,
  • Deviations such as tears as a result of working, subsidence or shrinkage,
  • Damage (vandalism)
  • (Visible) excessive mechanical or chemical loading.
In the inspected joint seal shows signs of damage that could affect its functioning, the maintenance advice describes guidelines for maintenance and restoration. It is also possible to check on the spot whether it is possible to remove/reduce the source/cause of the external influence. 


Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP)

Inspection and maintenance can be performed on an ad hoc basis, or in accordance with maintenance recommendations using a Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP). In inspections and the preparation of these plans, SABA uses the guidelines for the NEN 2767 standard.
In the performance of maintenance and renovation, it is important to determine the current situation and quality of the joint seal in advance. The detailing, type of sealant and application are leading here. In preparing maintenance advice, SABA devotes attention to matters including:

  • the overall joint seals and their maintenance condition
  • damage due to structural choices
  • esthetic aspects versus economic feasibility
  • resilience and compatibility with materials used previously, bonding to various substrates
  • economic aspect: choice of repair method and implementation
Ultimately, choices will be made in the maintenance advice that are consistent with the local circumstances and the requirements set by the customer.
Repair work is necessary; in the long term, preventive maintenance offers cost savings.

Would you like to save cost on maintenance?

Use inspection and maintenance to your benefit. We would like to help you setup a maintenance plan.

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