What is the right sealing system for your tank or silo?

Durable seals are an important part of the construction or renovation of tanks and silos.
Various aspects play a major role in the choice of the right sealing material. These could include:

  • the (chemical) content of the tank
  • the composition of the walls and bottom, including the finish (e.g. coating)
  • the ambient temperature
  • the temperature in the tank
  • the certification requirements
  • the durability
It is also important that the sealing system is both safe and easy to transport and easy to work with.
So what is the best sealing material?

The differences between MS polymer and polyurethane-based sealing technologies

This document provides a more in-depth discussion of two sealing technologies used in the tank construction sector: sealants based on MS polymer (MSP) and sealants based on polyurethane (PU). We clearly set out the main differences, with information on the bonding properties, the elasticity and the safety. After reading this document you will have more background information and clarity about the differences between these technologies and are able to select the right sealing system for your specific tank.

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