SABA introduces revolutionary adhesive: Sabatack® 950 Boost

Meet SABA's new, revolutionary adhesive: Sabatack® 950 Boost. World's first MS polymer to which a booster component is added in a very easy-to-use and simple sausage package. Sabatack® 950 Boost is packed with great features that will benefit your production process, such as:

  • Fast curing: vehicles can be moved after only 2 hours

  • Suitable for any standard caulking gun

  • Waste reduction of more than 95%

Scroll down, find out more and give a boost to your production process.

Higher productivity with Sabatack® 950 Boost

SABA's innovative booster technology is based on an MS polymer adhesive to which a booster component has been added. This means that the packaging consists of an A + B compartment. This allows you to achieve higher productivity in your production process because of the fast and independent curing. In the video we would like to show you more about this.

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Happy Customer! At RAPID Leichtbau GmbH they make use of SABA’s booster technology for several months, and they are very happy with the product!

Click here to read more about the experience of RAPID with Sabatack® 950 Boost.


A fast, easy and durable solution

Sabatack® 950 Boost is an elastic and very fast boosted construction adhesive. Solvent-free, resistant, UV-stable and based on MS polymer. Free of hazard symbols, silicones and isocyanates. The product is very easy to process, low odor, shows hardly any shrinkage and is insensitive to blistering. In addition, it is often not necessary to pre-treat material with a primer. It is a very sustainable product throughout the chain due to the way it is packaged. Among other things, it achieves a waste reduction of more than 95%.

Properties of the product are:

  • White sausage

  • 600 ml capacity

  • Shelf life of 6 months

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One solution, many possibilities

Sabatack® 950 Boost can be used for bonding a wide variety of materials in various markets. Think of the industry, construction and transportation markets applied in truck, bus, special vehicles and train construction (excluding infrastructure). Moreover, only cleaning is sufficient in many cases when Sabatack® 950 Boost is used.

In the video you can see how the spoiler of a truck is bonded and ready for use after only a few hours!

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With Sabatack® 950 Boost, you choose a sustainable solution!

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Do it yourself!

We are happy to show you how to apply the product. Watch the video and find out!

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Get started!

To get to work with Sabatack® 950 Boost, you need a few components:

  • Adapter

  • Screw cap

  • Static mixer

  • Standard caulking gun

You were able to see the setup of the different components in the first video. The individual components can be ordered from one of your SABA contacts. For more information, please get in contact with one of our team members.

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Standard advantages of using MS polymers

SABA's assortment in the Transportation market consists mainly of products based on MS Polymers, such as Sabatack® 950 Boost. The use of MS Polymers offers you many advantages, such as:

  • Suitable for virtually all materials

  • Application is fast and easy

  • Ensures even stress distribution

We would like to tell you more about it!

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