Sabatack® 950 Boost

  • Can be applied with a standard pneumatic or battery-powered spray gun
  • Little waste, thanks to unique ‘duo sausage’ packaging
  • Suitable for mass production
  • Process-secure, controlled curing because of the second component (booster)
  • Handling possible after approx. 2 hours

Sabatack® 950 Boost
Description Sabatack® 950 Boost is an elastic, very fast boosted construction adhesive. Solvent-free, non-sagging, UV-stable, permanently elastic and (air) moisture-curing, based on MS polymer (1-component). Free of hazard symbols, silicones and isocyanates. The product is very easy to apply, odourless, shows hardly any shrinkage, has low sensitivity to blistering and if required, can be painted wet-on-wet.

Would you like to read about all the benefits this product brings? Click here to visit the dedicated Sabatack® 950 Boost website page.
Technical details
Base component A & B MS polymer, (air) moisture-curing
Colours (standard) White
Packaging 600 ml duo sausage
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