DIN 2304: optimise the quality of your adhesive processes

DIN 2304 is a user standard that is linked to the ISO 9001 quality system and applicable to every industrial sector in which adhesive bonds are used. The standard is comparable to the well-known DIN 6701, which is mandatory for the rail industry and its suppliers. The objective of the DIN 2304 standard is to optimise the quality of adhesive processes: fewer errors, cost reductions and a systemic increase in the confidence in and image of adhesives as a joining technique. 

We have gathered information about DIN 2304 for you in this article, including an interview with Prof. Andreas Groβ, member of the DIN working party ‘DIN 2304’.

What is DIN 2304?

Unfortunately, adhesive bonds do not always meet the required standards, resulting in their failure during the use phase. The application standard DIN 2304 was created in order to prevent this: a standard that assists in the entire process from development to (serial) production, with an error-free production as its main objective. 

The standard lists organisational aspects relating to quality assurance and supports the management of adhesive processes. The standard does not focus solely on a specific sector or product, as is the case with DIN 6701, but instead looks at the production of all types of adhesive bonds whose most important function is the transfer of mechanical loads.

DIN 2304 consists of three core elements:

  1. Classification of adhesive bonds according to safety requirements.
  2. Appointing responsible supervisors (SIC) for adhesive activities.
  3. Verification that the loads to which an adhesive bond is exposed never exceed the maximum capacity of the adhesive bond throughout the entire life cycle of a product of an adhesive bond.

Core element 1: Classification of adhesive bonds

According to DIN 2304, all adhesive bonds can be classified fundamentally according to the estimated consequences of the failure of the adhesive bond. This classification also reflects the risk of any economic consequences. Adhesive bonds are categorised into the safety categories S1 to S4:

S1 – High safety requirements
S2 – Moderate safety requirements
S3 – Low safety requirements
S4 – No safety requirements

Core element 2: Responsible Supervisors (SIC)

In accordance with DIN 2304, businesses should appoint suitably qualified individuals to be responsible for the adhesion process. These supervisors, also called SIC, are the point of contact for all matters relating to adhesive activities: from the planning phase and production through to maintenance.

Core element 3: Verification of loads

In the case of an adhesive bond, the load to which it will be exposed throughout the life span of a product should not exceed the load on the adhesive bond. A new aspect of DIN 2304 is that this needs to be verified by the SIC and must be documented. 

DIN 2304 and ISO 9001

DIN 2304 is based on ISO 9001. ISO 9001 provides the foundation for quality assurance, but it is too generalised to be the sole instrument for quality assurance. The standard only stipulates the minimum requirements for a quality management system for adhesive bonds, resulting in a need for specialised, technology-specific regulations. These are described in the DIN 2304 standard: quality requirements for adhesive processes.

The future of DIN 2304

A lot is changing in industry, and so is this standard. DIN 2304 will be replaced in 2027 for the international standard: ISO 21368.

Interview with Prof. Andres Groβ

Professor Andreas Groß is head of the department of Staff Training and Technology Transfer at the German Fraunhofer IFAM, the internationally renowned independent research institute in the field of adhesives. He is the chair of the DIN working party regarding ‘DIN 2304’ and therefore has a wealth of knowledge about this standard. The perfect person to answer a few questions. Download the entire interview for free via the button below.

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DIN 2304: improve your process security

SABA and DIN 2304

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