Maasvlakte Olie Terminal & SABA: like a well-oiled machine

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Liquid-proof sealing of manifolds

Maasvlakte Olie Terminal (MOT), one of the biggest oil terminals in the world, is located at the very tip of the first Maasvlakte extension of the Port of Rotterdam. MOT is a company specialized in the storage and transshipment of crude mineral oil. Every year, a third of the total shipments of crude oil into Rotterdam arrive here. This large volume of crude oil is stored in large tanks and then distributed via numerous pipelines to the six Dutch refineries. Once that oil is converted into petrol in a refinery, around 3.5 million cars can keep driving for a year!

Close collaboration

Arjan Tuk, an Inspection Engineer at MOT, says he has already been working with SABA for years. "MOT was looking for the right chemically resistant and soil-protecting seals for the terminal. We ended up with SABA because they have good alliances with professional applicators and because the products comply with the applicable laws and regulations."

At present, the manifolds are being sealed in multiple phases with SABA Sealer MB-T. Manifolds are used on a large scale in the oil and gas industry for the distribution of gases and liquids. It is important here that the sealant material is certified and complies with BRL 7700 protocol 7711. SABA Sealer MB-T was developed specifically for elastic and liquid-proof sealing of installations where substances are stored, filled or handled and for which high chemical resistance is required. For example, at gas stations, chemical plants and emergency reservoirs.

The complete package

"An important advantage for us is that SABA not only provides product and advice, but also works closely with various application companies. That keeps the lines short and means we know that the execution will be properly supervised. The result is a high-quality seal and a partnership that runs smoothly.", says Arjan Tuk.

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About Maasvlakte Olie Terminal

Maasvlakte Olie Terminal (MOT) is a company specialized in the storage and transshipment of crude mineral oil. The terminal has 39 tanks suitable for the storage of crude mineral oil, with a total capacity of 4,600,000m3. The terminal has two jetties at which tankers can be unloaded. The oil from these tankers is unloaded into the terminal's tanks and/or is shipped via pipelines to the storage terminals or the refineries of one of the partners. MOT is a joint venture. The owners are Zeeland refinery, Aramco, BP, Shell, Vopak and Exxon-Mobil. Thanks to the good location of the terminal alongside deep water in the Port of Rotterdam and the connections between the various partners, Maasvlakte Olie Terminal plays an important role in the logistical chain between oil producers and refineries.