SABA Flexfill

  • Self-levelling, wear resistant casting compound based on polyurethane-urea (2-component)
  • Sealing horizontal transitions/openings in paving structures with heavy mechanical stresses
  • Shock-absorbent and noise-reducing
  • Strong mechanical properties
  • High wear resistance

Description SABA Flexfill is a 2-component, self-levelling, solvent-free, abrasion-resistant, permanently elastic and UV-stable polyurethane-urea-based casting compound. Easy to process with robust characteristics. 

SABA Flexfill has been designed for the sealing of horizontal transitions/gaps that are subjected to heavy mechanical stresses and with a maximum gradient of approx 3%. Suitable for the functional filling of gaps in paving structures made of (prefab) concrete elements, possibly with transitions between concrete and asphalt concrete. Evens transitions between floor elements, reducing shocks to forklifts and other traffic, and limiting noise. It can be used, for instance, as a casting compound for induction loops and in warehouses, factory shop floors, exhibition halls or other industrial floors.
Technical details
Colours (standard) grey
Packaging sets (A + B component) of 6 litres
Shore A hardness (EN ISO 868) ≈ 65
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Application SABA Flexfill

Robust and still simple to apply: SABA Flexfill

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