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Adhesives and sealants for building and industrial construction

With over 90 years of experience we are a partner of choice for your construction projects. No matter whether you are a contractor, architect, application firm, prefabricator or building supplier, we always ensure you have the best joint and sealing systems for your project on the basis of research in our own laboratory and the tailor-made advice of our specialists.


Indoor and outdoor sealants

Explore our extensive product range of adhesives and sealants for various applications, such as façades, walkways, floors and sanitary units. We provide solutions for specific requirements, such as smoke and fire-resistant, water-repellant, chemically resistant, sound-insulating and airtight seals. 

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Man sealing walls, façades and windows with SABA sealant
CERTIFIED SOLUTIONS WITHOUT HAZARD SYMBOLS Our MS polymer-based adhesives and sealants do not have a mandatory labelling requirement and do not carry any hazard symbols due to their safe composition. This is a key benefit for all users. Our products are free of isocyanates and solvents, thus protecting both the processor and the environment. Furthermore, all of our products are certified and are regularly tested for bonding, strength and resilience. This includes client-specific testing.
Smart solutions for the industrial construction sector

SABA adhesives and sealants are also ideal for modular construction and for prefabricating building elements. They comply with the highest standards of elasticity, efficiency, speed, safety, strength and durability. Our products are suitable for bonding different new materials together. 

Our team of specialists is at your disposal with advice and custom training and, if desired, we can perform tests in our laboratory to test your materials in combination with our products. Choosing SABA means:

  • Personal contact with and the advice of our specialists;
  • Assistance making your production process more efficient;
  • High-quality bonding and sealing products;
  • Safe products without CMR substances, solvents, silicones or isocyanates.

Finding the right sealant quickly and easily

SABA’s product configurator helps you find the right product quickly and easily. In just three steps you will be closer to finding the right sealant for your application.

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