05 July 2023

Sababond 3415 now certified bio-based! 💚

Did you know that Sababond 3415 is not only a fantastic adhesive for edge-to-edge pocket coils, but that it is also bio-based? The product is now officially certified and carries the ‘DIN bio-based 50 - 85%’ mark.

a sustainable bond

SABA is actively working on sustainability. We are committed to partnering with our customers and supporting them in designing products that contribute to a circular or more sustainable economy, without compromising product comfort or quality.

Sababond 3415 is the perfect example. With zero dry time, first-class bond strength, and excellent recovery it is truly the new standard for water-based rollable adhesives. And it's bio-based! Do you want to know more about this innovative adhesive? Ask our adhesive specialists or request a sample through the form below.

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