22 August 2018

SABA North America Celebrates its 10th Anniversary by Giving Back

Kimball, Michigan, USA, August 2018 – SABA is pleased to announce a donation of $10,000 to Save a Child's Heart (SACH) in celebration of the 10th anniversary of SABA North America. Additionally, $12,000 was divided evenly between four other charities based upon pitches submitted explaining how they would benefit from a donation. SACH selected the four recipients from a significant number of submissions.


In recognition of its 10th anniversary, SABA North America invited local charities, along with requesting recommendations from its customers, to submit a pitch wherein they explain how their organization would benefit from a $3,000 donation. Submissions varied from written stories to videos filmed with drones. The original plan was to select three organizations but due to an overwhelming number of submissions it was decided to donate to four. SACH was given the task of selecting the four recipients from a long list of worthy causes.


Each organization will use the donated money to enrich the lives of others. "SABA's gift will go directly towards saving the life of a child with heart disease from a developing country. We are very thankful that SABA is a long-time supporter of SACH," said a representative of the international non-profit organization. "Save a Child's Heart depends on donations to pay for the life-saving activities that take place each day."

The other recipients are:

  • American Heart Association who promotes athletic activities for children;
  • Musana Community Development Organization who is breaking the cycle of dependency in Uganda with quality and affordable education and several health enterprises;
  • Hunter Hospitality House who provides free lodging, steps away from the hospital, for those in need of accommodations while their loved one is hospitalized;
  • Kimball Township Little League who keeps children healthy, fit and teaches them to work together.
A Strong Bond

"SABA has been a proud supporter of SACH for many years now," said Jim Turner, President of SABA North America. During the anniversary festivities of SABA North America last June, the symbolic presentation of the donation to SACH took place. "We are also excited to celebrate our anniversary by giving back to other worthy causes including some in our local community," Turner said during the anniversary celebration with the full SABA North America staff and their families in attendance. "SABA's corporate slogan is 'A Strong Bond' and that's exactly what we're creating with our partners in the market place and the social environment by giving back."