10 July 2023

New: SABA's product selection tool for the transportation industry

SABA is introducing its product selection tool for our products that are applied in the transportation industry! Due to our broad product range, it can at times be difficult to find the right product for your application. The product selection tool helps you find the right product.

Product selection tool SABA carries a broad product range and every project requires a specific product. This is why SABA is introducing the product selection tool. By answering just three simple questions, this tool points you in the right direction. Next, our specialists are happy to help you find the perfect product.


How does the product selection tool work?

The product selection tool helps you find the right product for your application in three simple steps.

  • Select a segment
  • Sealing or bonding?
  • What, how, where?
Once you have answered these three questions, the product selection tool will recommend various products that best suit your application. Next, contact our specialists for the perfect customized solution for your project.