Colet: from solvent- to water-based adhesives

Kozłowo, Poland

Colet & SABA

Transitioning from solvent to water-based adhesives has been a hot topic for many mattress and furniture manufacturers. Due to changing laws and regulations many customers are switching adhesives, especially when they see that water-based adhesives perform up to par. So is the case with Colet, a Polish mattress and upholstered beds manufacturer that produces mainly for the German market. Since its founding in 2011, Colet has been working with SABA adhesives.

From solvent- to water-based

In 2018, Colet began transitioning from solvent-based to water-based adhesives. According to Piotr Rólka, CEO of Colet, this switch had two main reasons. The first was the demand from the market. “In the German market, the mattresses had to become more environmentally friendly. Consumers preferred to sleep on mattresses that do not contain harmful chemicals.” The second important reason was the safety in the workplace. Piotr Rólka wants to eliminate hazards in his factory as much as possible. “Since water-based adhesives are less harmful to workers' health during application, the decision was easily made.” As a result, Colet has become one of the first mattress producers in its region to use water-based instead of solvent-based adhesives.

The implementation of water-based adhesives

But such a switch requires changes in the production process which caused a delay in the transition. In the end, SABA helped Colet implement, install, and start up the new adhesives system and still provides support as needed.  

When problems occur…

With the switch, Colet started working with the SABA Zero Overspray spray gun. “Our operators are very pleased with this technology and whenever problems occur, we receive support from SABA," tells Piotr Rólka. “Our operators had to learn how to properly perform maintenance on the adhesive nozzles. Thanks to the constant cooperation with SABA, our employees were trained in adjusting and the maintenance of spray guns. These trainings helped optimize the application process, for example, replacement of nozzles have been practically eliminated.”

"When something happens, SABA is there to fix the problems that arise. I trust SABA as they are always ready to support Colet when needed." Piotr Rolka CEO of Colet
Piotr Rolka