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Our products and our way of working have an impact on the world. This is why SABA is actively working on sustainability. Sustainability is much more than one of our business objectives, it is a way of thinking, doing and working. Time to make it a daily topic for discussion and to start working on it together with you!

Our sustainability strategy

As industry and technology leader, we have an obligation to help create a better world. Because we are not able to do everything all at once, the focus of our strategy is based on the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 9: industry, innovation and infrastructure
At SABA, innovation is a key focus; in fact, 10% of our profit is invested directly into innovating projects, including scientific research. Through our innovations we look for solutions for a more sustainable industry and infrastructure. 

Goal 12: responsible consumption and production
We are working hard to make our production process, our products and the products of which we are part more sustainable and to reduce the impact on people and the environment. We do this, for example, by reviewing the raw materials we use, our energy consumption and waste management.

A sustainable focus

The focus on the UN's SDGs translates into the following sustainability topics for SABA:

✔️ Reducing SABA's ecological footprint relating to the use of raw materials;

✔️ Giving thought to the use of products throughout the entire lifecycle to eliminate the impact on climate;

✔️ Providing ecologically responsible production processes;

✔️ Improving our energy efficiency and procuring green energy;

✔️ Minimising the impact of transport and logistics;

✔️ Working on environmentally friendly packaging.

Step by step

Currently we are working on a Cradle to Gate analysis that will give us insight into our CO2 emissions; from the extraction of raw materials (cradle) to packaged product ready for shipment (gate). This Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) evaluates the CO2 emissions of our raw materials, production, energy consumption, waste and transport. As soon as this analysis is complete, we will be able to use the baseline measurement to set realistic and ambitious goals. We can subsequently measure whether our measures actually are having an impact.

Starting small

And sometimes big. The fact that we are still awaiting the results of the Cradle to Gate analysis does not mean that SABA is sitting still. Our sustainable company building is a first milestone that demonstrates that we are prepared to invest in sustainability. We assume our responsibility each and every day and aim to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. For example, we recycle the PU foam from our Research & Development department, are closely involved in initiatives concerning a circular mattress design and help students design the cars of the future.

Everything is negotiable

Sustainability is a broad topic. It is possible to create all kinds of projects in this area and to tackle these projects together. Everything is negotiable! We aim to enter into a partnership with our customers and to support them in designing products that contribute to a circular or more sustainable economy, without compromising on product comfort or quality.

Explore our 'a sustainable bond' product range!

The 'a sustainable bond' label helps you to identify products that have a lower impact on people and the environment, without compromising on quality. In this way, we contribute to the safety of users and work with our customers on a more sustainable world. With a choice of sustainable products that meet specific requirements in the fields of bonding, strength and resilience.
For example, the products with this label carry one of the following certifications: Emicode EC1 Plus, ISEGA or Wheelmark. The adhesives and sealants with this label are:

  • Free of hazard symbols
  • Safe to apply
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Sustainably applicable

Engaging in a discussion about sustainability

Engaging in a discussion about everything involved in a sustainable approach means looking for a connection with colleagues, customers, suppliers and everyone involved at SABA.
If we can be of help with your sustainability issues or if you have ideas that could help SABA become more sustainable, contact our Sustainability Coordinator Chris Belterman at +31 (0)315 658 999, or send an e-mail to

Together with you, we are on the way towards ‘a sustainable bond’!

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