SABA stands for
an integrated solution

We not only produce advanced adhesives and sealants, but also stand for total solutions, in which we investigate the best options for your process or project together with you. With a wealth of services, we supply the added value that gets you further.

Research & Development

The brain for our innovations. There are good reasons why SABA can boast of a leading role in specific sectors. We grow that position through assertive responses to market developments and substantial investments in development. More than 10% of our budget is spent on R&D, leading to innovative products that make your work still easier and give better results.

  • >10% of our budget on R&D
  • Continual product development
  • Implementation of new technologies
  • Average of 10 innovative products per year



We produce our products entirely under our own management, with quality-focused employees in a modern and increasingly automated production process. Together with our internal partners in R&D, Sales and Technical Support, we aim for a production process and products with the lowest possible environmental burden, and consequently we offer you adhesives and sealants that create the best results and at the same time, are increasingly ‘green’.
Our products are:

  • Produced under our own management
  • Innovative and state-of-the-art
  • Effective and practical
  • Durable and safe

We do it together SABA operates at the heart of the market. We maintain good relationships with the entire chain, from customers to raw material suppliers and from test institutes to machine manufacturers. From that position, we create new partnerships for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and applying new technologies in product development. This is a team effort that benefits everyone.
Quality control and assurance

At SABA, quality takes top priority. Our Quality Control is therefore firmly focused on the quality of raw materials, production batches and production performance. We comply with all important quality standards, including WISO, NEN and DIN standards. You are therefore always assured of high quality adhesives and sealants that help to create a perfect end-product.

  • Raw materials
  • Correct composition
  • Product safety
  • Statutory requirements and standards


Sales support

Naturally, our account managers and sales assistants always share ideas with you. They are often certified Adhesive Specialists (EAS) or Adhesive Engineers (EAE). With their training and technical background, they understand practical situations through and through. Their knowledge of the equipment used and requirements of various projects and products makes it easy to troubleshoot and communicate solutions that genuinely gets you further.

  • Your permanent account manager
  • Technical background
  • Practical product knowledge
  • Custom advice

Technical support

Our technical support team offers you world-wide support of the total bonding and sealing process. Our team will assist in implementing new system equipment in your facility as well as problem solve any existing issues with current projects. In order to guarantee optimal results when using SABA products our team is committed to staying onsite to train your employees and ensure that everything is running as it should be. We see this as an investment in our relationship and continued partnership.

  • Support on location
  • Test work
  • On-site training


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