Petrochemical industry

Impermeable and (petro)chemically resistant

Storage tanks, storage basins and silos often consist of steel tanks with various finishes. The transitions from the wall to the (concrete) floor (base connections), manholes and conduits must be durably sealed. (Concrete) floors, walls and overflow containers must also be properly sealed, This creates a safe and controlled environment. Our product specialist are happy to tell you more about our sustainable polysulphide sealant systems and discuss the best options for your application.


Petrochemical industry

Thanks to our years of experience in the petrochemical industry, we can offer the right chemically resistant sealing products and systems for every project. Tell us about your needs and requirements, and we will supply you with the solutions that suit you best. From order to execution, you are guaranteed optimum support, accurate delivery and the best solutions. SABA polysulphide sealing systems offer:

  • High chemical resistance
  • Durable and permanently elastic seals
  • Fast and easy application

Prefab concrete floor sealed with chemical resistant SABA sealer
Which sealant will you choose?

At locations where hazardous substances are used, such as oil storage locations and gas stations, preventing soil contamination is a high priority. For this reason the government imposes special requirements for the proper sealing of floors. A distinction is made here between impermeable and liquid-repellent floors. Every situation calls for its own sealing system.
Which SABA product is suitable in your situation? This depends partly on: 

  • the requirements set for the floor, such as impermeability or liquid-repellence
  • the chemical load
  • the mechanical load, depending on the intensity of use or the frequency of driving over the floor
  • the applicable standards, such as CE marking based on EN 14188-2 or an Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung.

Product overview
Finding the right sealant quick and easy?

SABA’s product selection tool makes it quick and easy for you to find the right product. In just three simple steps, we give you accurate advice for your application.

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The SABA system solutions have one thing in common: their durability. As a result, the excellent chemical resistance and unique product composition of our polysulphide products offer many benefits.

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