16 March 2022

Collection and recycling of PU foam

The world is becoming more sustainable which means that circularity and recycling are becoming increasingly important. At SABA we put sustainability high on the agenda and strive for the lowest possible environmental impact. That is why we are looking for ways in which SABA can help ensure a more sustainable environment. This is not only limited to market-related initiatives, but also to our internal processes, including our waste management.

Foam waste

During the development of our foam bonding adhesives, a relatively large amount of foam waste is generated when tests are performed. Although these tests are necessary in the R&D process, until now the waste foam was disposed of in the regular trash. Fortunately, RetourMatras has developed a way to reuse PU foam.

A second life

From now on, we will separate used PU foam from our R&D and application tests. The foam is collected and processed by RetourMatras. This recycling company collects old mattresses and converts them into underlays for floors and playgrounds. And now they also collect our used PU foam. This is how we give our waste a second life!

SABA ‘a sustainable bond’

SABA is the world's leading producer of adhesives for the mattress and furniture industry. That is why we see it as our duty to work towards a more sustainable world and to contribute to a circular mattress market. We are working on 'a sustainable bond' together with our customers. Read more about SABA's role in mattress recycling in our comprehensive article.

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