05 January 2022

SABA’s new company building: completely sustainable

In December 2020, the construction of the SABA production facility and offices officially started. Sustainability is very important to SABA, which is why various sustainable aspects can be found in the new building, such as a unique climate system. The offices and new industrial halls will be climatized completely without natural gas and the building is certainly very well insulated. We would like to explain some of the sustainable aspects of SABA's new construction.

PV panels

At the start of the construction work, 942 solar panels have already been installed on the roofs of the existing production facility. Later, another 870 additional solar panels were added to the roof of the expanded factory. This brings the total number of PV panels to 1812! This means that a large part of SABA's electricity needs can be met. The energy generated by these PV panels could provide the households of all SABA employees with energy.

Heat pump

Of course, the new business premises will be supplied with sustainable energy. The choice has been made for the application of a heat pump installation. The heat pump is the heart of the entire climate system. The heat pump not only provides heat, but also cooling. The system uses advanced control technology to determine whether heating or cooling is required. Because the process is linked to the central HVAC system, the energy released during the production of the adhesives and sealants is put to good use. Previously it was lost, now it is used for the climate system. Thanks to this link, much higher system efficiencies are achieved than usual.

Sprinkler tank

Under the new business premises there is a water storage associated with a new sprinkler system. This tank, which primarily serves for fire safety, is also used to store energy and use it again later. The energy that cannot be used directly in the building is put into the sprinkler water to be used later for cooling the factory and offices. This creates an ideal climate for both office and production personnel.

Smart climate control

Thanks to smart control technology, it will soon be possible to exchange heating and cooling between different offices. If it is very hot in one room due to a busy meeting or a brightly shining sun, this heat is spread through piping systems to rooms where it is too cold. So, we first play with energy that is already present in the building before the heat pump system starts running. This saves a lot of energy.

Sedum roof

The roof of the office complex will be completely covered with sedum, a type of succulent that protects the roof against all weather conditions and contributes to the sustainability of the building. For example, it ensures that the roof covering lasts two to three times longer. The sedum plant as a roof covering also has an insulating effect, so that there is less heat demand in the building in winter. In addition, it also retains the rain and buffers it temporarily. This has a cooling effect in summer. Next to the sedum plant, the roof has even more sustainable functions. The rainwater that falls on the roof is collected and led through pipes to a private pond where the water can slowly penetrate into the ground. This is important to maintain the groundwater level.

Opening 2022

The building is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022. Then it can be furnished with as much refurbished office furniture as possible. During the opening week, the building will be open to everyone for a look behind the scenes. More information about this will follow.

Architect: Te Kiefte Architecten
Construction manager: Ben van den Steenhoven
Constructor: Peree Bouwadvies B.V.
Consultant installations: Brunsveld Ingenieurs
Construction contractor: Klaassen Groep
Installer: Klein Poelhuis
Sprinkler: Van Dorp