30 September 2020

PRESS RELEASE - SABA introduces new pocket coil hot melt adhesive

Global foam bonding adhesive supplier SABA announces the arrival of new hot melt adhesives and launches Sabamelt 4732 for the production of pocket coil units. With more hot melt adhesives being launched later this year, SABA reaffirms its leading position as the solvent-free foam bonding expert.

"We see an increased demand for environmentally friendly, solvent-free foam bonding solutions. By expanding our product portfolio with new, high-quality hot melt adhesives we bring more value to bedding and furniture manufacturers. Our pocket coil hot melt is the first addition, with more hot melts to follow later this year”, says Jim Turner, Business Director Foam Bonding Adhesives

Solvent-free foam bonding solutions

For years, SABA’s primary focus has been developing innovative water-based adhesives that meet the highest performance and quality standards. In fact, SABA was the first company in the world to develop a water-based adhesive with immediate tack so it’s a technology with deep roots within the organization. “Water-based adhesives truly provide the best final bond strength and we still stand behind this technology as the superior bonding solution for the foam processing industry. But if our customers production process does not allow for the processing time of a water-based adhesive, or if their substrates are not fully compatible with a water-based adhesive, then hot melt is a very viable alternative. It is fantastic that we can now offer this solution to our customers and combine it with the exceptional service and support they have come to expect from us”, Turner says.

A strong bond

Sabamelt 4732 is a granulate hot melt and because of its excellent properties is perfect for pocket spring production. Its short open time, 100% setting characteristic and excellent adhesion to non-woven make it gain final bond strength extremely rapidly. The result is immediate handling and a very strong bond. “When buying SABA hot melts you’ll  not only get a high quality product but also a ton of knowledge and support to go with it. Every day we strive to provide our customers with an optimized foam bonding process.  Industry leading water-based adhesives will remain our foundation but soon this will also be complimented by a full portfolio of high-performing hot melt adhesives so that we can bring more value to our customers than ever before”, Turner says.

More information?

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