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We know you want your production process to run smooth and efficiently. With SABA, you not only receive a high performing hotmelt adhesive, you also always receive the expertise and support of our product specialists. Our team has extensive product and process knowledge and are devoted to making your work easier. Whether you need support on-site, want information about the right application or just need help quickly, SABA is your experienced and trusted knowledge partner that you can always count on. It’s all in the package!

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The expertise and support of our adhesive specialists is included with every order.

For manual and automatic processes

Our Hot Melt formulations are designed for manual and automatic foam bonding processes.

A strong bond

We work closely with our customers to provide the right solution to optimize their processes.

Pocket spring production

Sabamelt 4732 is a granulate hot melt and because of its excellent properties is perfect for pocket spring production. Its short open time, 100% setting characteristic and excellent adhesion to non-woven make it gain final bond strength extremely rapidly. The result is immediate handling and a very strong bond.

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Pocket spring hotmelt adhesive for mattress

Automatic Bonding Applications

As automatic hot melt application becomes more popular we have a superhero in Sabamelt 4910 to go along with it. It provides excellent initial tack and high bonding strength when automatically applied to a wide variety of substrates even at a low application rate. It also provides the ultimate properties for smooth automatic application and the needed open time for assembly.

  • Optimized for automatic mattress production lines
  • Virtually no residual tack
  • Cost-effective use combined with durable bonding

Sabamelt 4131

Sabamelt 4131 is the perfect solution for gluing flexible foam components to each other and to the most commonly used upholstery materials, interior springs and pressure distributors, such as felt, non-wovens, jute, coconut fibre, etc.

  • Excellent initial tack for assembly
  • The highest quality due to setting character
  • Excellent bonding strength and low application rates

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Man applying manual hotmelt adhesive on mattress
Manual Bonding Applications

Sabamelt 4750 was designed to be the superhero of manually applied hot melts. It bonds instantly to a wide variety of substrates and provides immediate handling strength making it perfect for foam encased mattress assembly. It also provides quiet bond lines making it viable for a wide variety of applications. 

  • Optimized for manual application
  • Very fast strength build-up
  • Fast setting time

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