The superhero of water-based adhesives

Fast. Strong. And Versatile.

A formula for the perfect superhero. Sababond 3392 is the new all-around 2-component water-based adhesive, ideal for bonding different types of foam to a vast array of substrates. Whether you need an adhesive for mattress manufacturing or producing furniture, Sababond 3392 can do it all.

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What makes this superhero, well, super? It's the power to do things that are extraordinary. Sababond 3392 is an invincible adhesive that holds unimaginable superpowers:

  • Strongest Bonds
  • Fastest Initial Tack
  • Conquers all Substrates
  • Superhuman Endurance

The best water-based adhesive ever made

With superpowers far beyond those of ordinary adhesives, we can rightfully call Sababond 3392 the best water-based adhesive ever made! It sticks to every substrate imaginable and is perfectly suited for bonding foam to smooth, non-porous substrates, such as Polypropylene (PP). Its high solids content and extremely strong initial tack are perfect for mattress and furniture production. Combined with the smart SABA EZ-mix Green spray gun, the new Sababond 3392 fits right into your existing Zero Overspray system.

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The superhero of water-based adhesives
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