Sabatack® 755 HL3

  • Elastic fireproof MS polymer-based construction adhesive and sealant
  • Sealing of all interior and exterior components
  • Fire-resistant in accordance with EN 45545-2, R22 + R23, Hazard Level 1, 2 + 3
  • Broad bonding spectrum, even without primer
  • Medium viscosity and easy processing

Sabatack® 755 HL3
Description Sabatack® 755 HL3 is a fireproof and permanently elastic construction adhesive and sealant. Solvent-free, non-sagging, UV-stable and (air) moisture-curing, based on MS polymer (1-component). Free of isocyanates, no hazard symbols, odourless and very easy to apply. The product contains no silicones, has low sensitivity to blistering and if required, can be coated wet-on-wet.

Sabatack® 755 HL3 is suitable for elastic bonding and/or sealing of structures for which fire safety is a requirement, for instance for means of public transport such as train, tram or metro carriages. With this product, it is possible to seal all interior and exterior components in accordance with European fire safety standard EN 45545-2, R22 and R23 and to comply with the most stringent requirements in terms of the oxygen index, smoke density and the release of toxic substances, HL1, HL2 + HL3.
Technical details
Tensile strength (Fmax) (ISO 37/DIN 53504) ≈ 3,0 N/mm2
Hardness Shore A (EN ISO 868) ≈ 60
Elongation at break (ISO 37/DIN 53504) ≈ 180%
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  • Complies with European standard EN 45545-2, R22 + R23, Hazard Level 1, 2 + 3
  • Complies with American standard NFPA 130
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