Sababond 3415
As Strong As Nature

NEW: Sababond 3415

Mattresses with edge-to-edge pocket coils have become incredibly popular over the past year. In practice, we find that these mattresses are rather difficult to bond with traditional water-based adhesives. Sababond 3415 has incredible adhesion to non-woven materials, a fast initial tack and exceptional recovery after roll packing. You can look at it as a crossover technology: the final bond quality of a water-based adhesive and the processing time of a hot melt adhesive. The perfect match for this application. And by the way, it is bio-based!

Designed for edge-to-edge pocket coils

Sababond 3415 is truly one of a kind. With zero dry time, first-class bond strength, and excellent recovery it is truly the new standard for water-based rollable adhesives. Plus, it fits within your existing production lines if you already use water-based rollable adhesives! This means no conversions and thus no additional investments.

Meet Sababond 3415

  • Great final bond strength
  • Applied one-sided
  • Designed for edge-to-edge pocket coils
  • Thermal activation optional
  • Immediate roll packing
  • Reduces environmental footprint
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NEW: Sababond 3415 - As Strong As Nature
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