SABA Sealflex for tanks and silo's

Tanks for storing liquids must not be damaged by corrosion caused by moisture or leaks. A good elastic seal protects the annular plate, bottom plate and the tank base for the long term, resulting in cost savings. 

Peter Wieskamp
Author Peter Wieskamp Application Manager
100% liquid-tight

With the SABA Sealflex system, tanks can be given a 100% liquid-tight and chemically resistant seal. Thermal expansions and movements while the tank is being filled and emptied do not affect the integrity or function of the Sealflex system. The SABA Sealflex system:

  • Prevents moisture from penetrating between the tank and the base, avoiding corrosion
  • Creates a seamless seal in every shape
  • Absorbs tank movements easily
  • Can easily handle movements up to 25% of the debonding surface.
  • Can be combined with a leak detection system

For more than 25 years, the SABA polysulphide sealant system has proven its value in the most diverse and extreme circumstances. This means that joint seals that were made more than 25 years ago continue to perform perfectly today. This makes the SABA concept one of the most durable sealant systems in the world.

SABA offers two Sealflex systems based on different sealants: 1 or 2-component and MS-Polymer or polysulphide. Which sealant is the ideal one for your bridging joints depends on the chemical or micro-biological load and the preferences of the processor. Would you like to know more about our system solutions, for example for bridging joints in the bio and petrochemical industry? We would be happy to tell you more about the options.

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