Boost your mattress production with ultra-compression

Thanks to the continued growth of the e-commerce mattress market, ultra-compression is becoming an increasingly popular form of mattress packaging. Ultra-compression allows mattresses to be placed in the smallest possible box creating cost savings in transportation and storage while also providing advantages at the retail level.

What is ultra-compression?

Ultra-compression is essentially an additional step in the roll packing processes which can reduce packaging size by 45%. Put in simple terms, mattresses are compressed, folded, rolled and then rolled again.

Mattresses recovery

Ultra-compression puts tremendous stress on the adhesive bond line. For this reason, SABA has developed a special adhesive technology that gains extra strength during compression while allowing for immediate packaging. Just as important, this adhesive allows for full recovery of the adhesive bond line after unboxing.   
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Benefits of ultra-compression

With transportation costs on the rise globally, ultra-compression provides obvious benefits when it comes to logistical efficiency. Another benefit of ultra-compression is that a boxed mattress is reduced to a size that easily fits into a shopping cart. As a result, this technology is not only suitable for e-commerce, but is also very convenient for brick-and-mortar retail shops.

Which technology is most suitable?

The adhesive technology best suited for a mattress production process depends on different factors such as capacity, equipment, volume, and the current production process. We are seeing that Produce & Pack and ultra-compression are often used in production processes that involve a high daily volume of mattresses for e-commerce. 

Produce & Pack

The Produce & Pack process adds a forced drying step to the mattress production process. This step eliminates most of the water contained in the water-based adhesive, while still providing for excellent adhesive transfer properties and optimal bonding strength. In this process, the adhesive film is heated to approximately 60-80°C which both activates the adhesive’s bonding properties while also evaporating most of the water. This process allows for the immediate roll packing of mattresses with the highest quality bonding properties which makes it a perfect solution for the e-commerce market. 

Cure in Package

The Cure in Package process makes use of high performing water-based adhesives that can be applied at a very low coat weight and does not require a forced drying step. The combination of the adhesive’s composition, low application rate, and immediate compression provides the required bonding properties and allows for proper recovery after unboxing.


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