15 January 2023

SABA new sponsor of soccer club De Graafschap from Doetinchem

From the second half of the 2022-2023 soccer season, SABA is one of the new sponsors of soccer club De Graafschap from Doetinchem, whose home base is De Vijverberg stadium. We are happy to tell you more about scoring this great commitment!

Connector in the region

Over the years De Graafschap has manifested itself as a true connector in the region where SABA is established; young and old enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at the club. In addition, both private and business people gather at De Graafschap to watch matches, but there are also regular events organized that are soccer and/or sports related. The soccer club does a lot to put people in touch with each other and with this they have a true social function in the region. SABA is happy to join this!

Fun sponsoring kick-off
To kick off the sponsorship, a group of colleagues visited a match of De Graafschap recently. Unfortunately it was not a goal-rich match, but the atmosphere was as always very good. As a team we had a great evening, and besides winning that is also very important!

More about De Graafschap
De Graafschap was founded as a professional soccer club on February 1, 1954, making them one of the pioneers in professional soccer. So the club now exists for almost 70 years! Since the club's existence they have been playing soccer at De Vijverberg. Currently, they play in the First Division league.
For more information about De Graafschap, visit: www.degraafschap.nl.