18 November 2019

Packaging of SABA adhesives optimized

Our adhesives have a strong bond with your substrates, and SABA itself is continually on the move. We work every day to improve our services, products and also our packaging. We don't always do this alone and often work with partners and suppliers to further optimize our customers’ production processes and to provide our users with a better experience. Our packaging has had several new improvements and standardizations, which means added convenience, better results and even greater safety for our customers.

Improvements to IBC  
Improvements to IBC

Our 275 gallon (1,000 liter) IBC with inliner has been improved in four respects. These changes have already been visible to our users for some time.

1. The valve is now attached to the inliner (instead of the IBC)

By attaching the valve to the inliner we reduce the risk of leakage. This optimization has no further consequences for you unless you remove the inliner and use the IBC for other purposes after emptying it

2. The seal on the valve has been improved

The safety screw on the tap has been replaced by a new sealing system. This makes transport and use of the IBC safer and more user-friendly.

3. The inliner has been reshaped

This makes it easier to empty the inliner. For you, it means more adhesive for application and less waste.

4. The size of the filling opening at the top has been reduced to 2 inches (5.1 cm)

This standardization has implications for filling the IBC and no impact on the user.

Improvements to Bag-in-Box transport

Our large Bag-in-Box (BiB) packaging has also been optimized. A pallet with a BiB can now be moved from all four sides if you are using a fork-lift or pallet jack. In this way, we offer our customers more flexibility during transport and handling.


The alterations to the pallet have also changed the overall weight of the packaging. As usual, we tare every container before and during filling, so that the net weight is always 100% accurate.

SABA BiB transport

Would you like more information on our packaging or the transportation of our products? Please contact our sales service by calling +1 810 824 4964 or via sabanortamerica@saba-adhesives.com.

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