08 March 2019

DeRucci presents Suplliers award to SABA

A heartfelt "thank you" to our respected client DeRucci furniture for presenting SABA with their Suppliers award. DeRucci furniture is a leading high-end bedding company and brand in China with more than 3000 stores in China and abroad.

It's a tremendous honor to be selected out of nearly 150 active suppliers, to receive this award with a 100% score.

We appreciate the confidence that DeRucci has had with SABA in changing towards environmentally friendly adhesives. DeRucci has proven to be a true pioneer and leader in China in environmental innovation.

We found a wonderful place in our Guangzhou office to keep this beautiful award, and each time we look at it we will be reminded of our great cooperation and how truly grateful we are on DeRucci furniture to have presented SABA with this prestigious award.