SBL builds top e-commerce mattress brands with SABA adhesive

Chicago, IL, USA

SBL builds top e-commerce mattress brands with SABA adhesive

It’s the first thing you notice as soon as you step into the SBL factory: the seemingly countless number of boxes containing rolled up mattresses ready to be sent to consumers and distributors. “Tens of thousands mattresses leave our factory every year”, says Rob Kurzweil, Operations Manager at SBL, based in Chicago, IL, USA.

Ready-made mattresses

SBL – Supplied by LAVA – produces and supplies sub-contracted mattresses, foundations, toppers and pillows. With their in-house design and sourcing team, SBL helps customers create unique products. Mattresses are built, roll packed & shipped from Chicago for coast to coast delivery, usually arriving to consumers in just a few days.

That explains the enormous lines of boxed branded mattresses cued for daily pick up. Many well-known ecommerce brands are produced on the assembly lines here. “We produce foam beds, innerspring beds and hybrids every day. I’m proud that we service several of the internet’s leading brands”, Kurzweil adds.

Thermo-activated adhesive

On the SBL production line, many actions are automated. An automated lamination system insures consistent thermo-activated adhesive application. Integrated infra-red drying activates the adhesive while removing moisture so mattresses can be roll packed immediately without the need for additional dry time.

Immediate shipping
After assembly the mattress layers travel through an automated tamping station which applies even pressure over the entire mattress to insure complete adhesion from top to bottom and side to side. Mattresses are then vacuum sealed and roll packed with state of the art equipment. Ready to be delivered to consumers or distribution centers, SBL packaging provides for cost efficient shipping.

Excellent service

SABA North America supplies adhesive for SBL’s “Produce & Pack” production needs. Kurzweil tells about his choice for SABA: “I think SABA is a great company with an industry leading product! They help us with the right solutions, have skilled service technicians and always deliver on time. SABA offers the best product for immediate-pack production. Mattress recovery is critical for bed-in-box retailers. Eliminating the dry time that other adhesives require while maintaining premium quality is crucial to our operation and our customers. It simply works really well!

Growth path

What does Kurzweil expect for the future of SBL? “Well, we are still seeing significant growth from ecommerce mattress retailers, so for us, a lot more roll packing. Fortunately, we still have plenty of space to grow”, Kurzweil says.