LUMC: high-quality seals in parking garage

Leiden, Netherlands


SABA Sealer products have proven themselves for over 26 years in the busy Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) parking garage. Now that, after a long proven track record, the seals need to be replaced, SABA once again emerged as the supplier of choice. Project Manager Frans Hogervorst explains why.

Preventing leaks

The joint seals in parking garages are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. They are frequently subjected to heavy mechanical loads, exposed to highly variable weather conditions and to chemical loads caused by fluids leaking from cars.

‘There was a major problem with an intensive traffic load across the center core caused by the many cars driving across the parking deck. This caused the mastic layer to be scraped off as it were and we therefore needed to find a new solution,’ says Frans Hogervorst. ‘I once again called on SABA for assistance. With their expertise we managed to find the right sealant, and we expect to benefit from this for many years to come.’ 

A long-term, reliable partner

In parking garages, high-quality sealing products are by no means a luxury, in part because having to close a parking garage for maintenance causes much inconvenience and can also result in loss of income.

‘SABA also sealed our parking garage 26 years ago. The fact that we only needed to replace the seals after 26 years says something about the quality. SABA’s products perform perfectly.’  

Various SABA Sealer products are used to seal the LUMC parking garage: Sealer MB-T for sealing bridge joints, Flexform for barriers and Sealer Field for expansion joints. 

SABA sealants in parking garages

SABA Sealer products are polysulfide-based (2-component) and have a 25-year reference period. They are highly chemically resistant and permanently elastic. In addition, every SABA Sealer product has its own specific properties. This makes it possible to use them for different situations in parking garages, just as we did in the LUMC.

If you are interested in finding out how our SABA Sealer products can be a perfect solution for your project, view the infographic for the various areas of application of our SABA Sealer sealants. 

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