Euroscoop: prefab concrete walls with 120-minute fire-resistant seal

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Prefab concrete walls with fire-resistant seal

Fire safety is extremely important in new construction of public buildings. The Dutch 2012 Building Decree requires that walls and floors must be sufficiently fire resistant and that there must be no unprotected openings. In order to meet these requirements, construction and expansion seams must also have fire-resistant seals. This prevents a fire from spreading to the neighboring room for a certain amount of time. The same applied for the construction of the new Euroscoop mega cinema in Amsterdam. Blommers Luchtdicht Bouwen B.V. sealed the walls and facade of the new building with fire-resistant Sabaprotect M500.

Fire resistant for 120 minutes

The Euroscoop Cinema & Leisure Complex will have more than 2,500 cinema seats and expects half a million visitors per year. The complex covers a total of about 15,000m2. It is therefore a large cinema, where the safety of visitors takes priority. Marc Blommers, owner of Blommers Luchtdicht Bouwen B.V., told us more about this project during a tour of the cinema: ‘In this project, we sealed the prefab concrete walls with Sabaprotect M500. This sealant complies with all the fire resistance requirements and can also be applied universally. This means that we can seal different joints with the same sealant.’ The striking facade, made of prefab concrete with a 3D design, has also been sealed with this sealant.

Durable and fire-resistant concrete

Sabaprotect M500 is a fully classified system for fire-resistant sealing of expansion and construction joints. ‘Sabaprotect M500 can also be painted over easily,’ Blommers adds. ‘Other fire-resistant sealants are often silicon-based and we can’t paint them. We can do that with this sealant, so that we meet all the client’s requirements and those of the Building Decree.’ In total, 15 km of expansion joints were sealed. The result is a sustainable, fire-resistant and permanently elastic seal. Another advantage is that Sabaprotect M500 also already complies with the new legislation on smoke resistance that will enter into force in 2021.

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