The best adhesive solutions for roll-packing mattresses

Online mattress sales have increased rapidly since 2015 and with the outbreak of Covid-19 it has gained even more momentum. The growing e-commerce market has impacted many supplying industries, increasing the demand for materials better suited for roll packing and quick recovery without loss of comfort or quality. At SABA, we’ve been working on our adhesive formulations for this segment for over a decade and are always looking for ways to reduce the moisture content during application and the recovery time after the mattress is unpacked. For our customers we use two main approaches for roll packing mattresses:

Tonny Zaarbelink
Author Tonny Zaarbelink Head of Product and Application Management

Produce & Pack

The Produce & Pack technology has a track record of success dating back almost two decades and has become increasingly popular in recent years with the increase in production of roll packed mattresses. Because standard water-based adhesives are not designed to be used with a forced drying step, we developed a specialized water-based adhesive which specifically works optimally with the inclusion of a forced drying step. The result: the elimination of dry time while delivering all the benefits derived from water-based adhesives. This specialized adhesive technology also provides the softest possible adhesive bond lines resulting in optimal recovery of roll packed mattress upon opening. It has a solids content of 75% and thus contains only 25% water in packaged form. Via the forced drying step, most of this moisture is eliminated while still proving excellent adhesive transfer and optimal bond strength. The combination of a forced drying step and a superior adhesive technology is the ultimate solution for realizing optimal bonding results without the risks typically associated with water-based adhesives.

Advantages of Produce and Pack

  • Proven and reliable method
  • Complete elimination of dry time
  • Faster time to package
  • Relatively easy to integrate into your existing process

Conditions of Produce & Pack

  • Need to add a forced drying step
  • Adhesive must be applied via roll coater and not sprayed

Cure in package

The surge in boxed-bed sales has put new demands on bonding processes. This is exactly why the new Cure in Package method has become a functional and beneficial production approach for some of our customers. Low adhesive application rates and immediate pressing, along with quickly roll packing allow the Cure in Package process to work. 

There are several key factors that must be followed to make the process possible and successful. First, a customer must have the capability to put in place the equipment to roll coat and, subsequently, roll pack mattresses. Second, the adhesive must be able to be applied consistently at low coating weights. Third, the mattress must be immediately pressed to create strong bonds of the foam layers. Fourth, the mattress must move in a timely fashion into roll packing. The low adhesive rates help prevent recovery issues with the foams and, in combination with the elimination of air in the packaged mattress upon roll packing, also eliminate the possibility of microbial growth.

Advantages of Cure in Package

  • Faster time to package
  • Consistency of adhesive application process and rates
  • Potentially reduced adhesive usage
  • Potentially reduced equipment costs (no IR dryer)
  • Ability to streamline production process

Conditions of Cure in Package 

  • Adhesive must be applied via roll coater and not sprayed
  • Adhesive application rates must be closely and consistently monitored
  • High adhesive rates can cause quality issues
  • Foams must be cut evenly to prevent adhesive application voids
  • Time and depth of press must be maximized without slowing production
  • Time to roll pack needs to be within minutes of finishing mattress assembly, if not immediate


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