How to save time in your mattress production process

The growth of mattress sales via e-commerce channels is transforming the bedding industry. Many mattress producers now need to produce, roll pack and ship mattresses direct to consumers without storage time. But how is this possible when a water-based adhesive is used which typically require dry time before roll packing? In this white paper, we share our insights and advice. 

Which adhesive fits best within your manufacturing environment depends partly on the duration of your production process. In other words, how long does it take you to bond and assemble your mattress components? Would you benefit from immediate high tack? Or do you need a little time before the bond is optimal, to allow for repositioning, thus needing an adhesive with a longer open time? The application method is also important: do you do this automatically, by rolling, or by manual spraying? Based on these facts, you can select the right adhesive.

Smart adhesive solutions for working more efficiently

In this white paper, we discuss possibilities for ensuring the output of the highest quality finished goods while also accelerating your production process by eliminating water-based adhesive dry time and the complications that come with it.

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