This is not just a slogan. It signifies the distinctive mission, the DNA of our business.

Ewa Frankowska-Srama, Purchasing Manager, puts it like this: “‘A strong bond’ says a great deal about our products. They have to do their work perfectly. It says even more about how we work together internally, as a close team, by bundling our knowledge and skills. But most of all, it stands for the lasting relationships, the partnership with our customers. They form our raison d’être.”
SABA puts this into practice by continually investing in product innovation, with the aim of always offering our customers the best solution. “We therefore explicitly listen to the questions from the market and anticipate new developments early”, Ewa says. “Our bond with the customer really is very close.

"“With the deployment of our knowledge and innovative strength, we supply an integrated solution for our customers, in terms of better process and project results, lower overall costs, a good working environment and long-term continuity.” "

Ewa Frankowska-Srama, Purchasing Manager

Partnership means that we work together. We work closely with our customers, on site to offer solutions to optimize their application processes or projects. Where necessary, we link them to specific partners in the chain, such as mechanical engineers or other knowledge partners. As we are always looking for integrated solution, with the aim of continuity and the best result in the long term. That’s what we mean by a strong bond.”

Ewa Frankowska-Srama
In 2010, while studying for her Master’s degree in European Relations, Ewa Frankowska-Srama started working for the internal sales department of our SABA Polska branch. After an internal sales training course, she quickly progressed there to become the Customer Service Coordinator. She became our Sales Director Europe, Middle-East & Africa in 2017. She has been Purchasing Manager since 2022. She is living proof that effort and initiative lead to fine careers at SABA.