Adhering to sustainability

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A glimpse at the construction of the New University Building in Amsterdam

When developing new buildings, looking after people and the environment is increasingly taking precedence. This is also the case in the developments on the campus of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, where Zwapex Afdichtingstechniek B.V. has started work using the sustainable sealants produced by SABA. The development of the VU campus has been in full swing for years. A number of buildings dating back to the 1970s have been due for refurbishment or replacement in order to meet the needs of our time. One of the largest projects on the campus is the construction of the 'New University Building'. It is a building that defines the image of the area, with sustainability as the number one priority.

Positively influencing sustainability performance

Increasingly more often, clients are asking for sustainable performance that exceeds minimum legal requirements. Zwapex Afdichtingstechniek B.V., which was commissioned to apply various sealants during construction of the New University Building and the finishing phase, has noticed this too. As one of the leading companies in sealing techniques, they place the emphasis on the importance of sustainable sealants by working with products that have a positive effect on the sustainability performance. When using adhesives and sealants, it is essential that they foster healthy, good quality indoor air. Products with an Emicode EC1 PLUS certificate comply with the most stringent emission requirements, which make them the safest option for both the processors and building occupiers.

Working with low-emission products

It was for this reason that Zwapex Afdichtingstechniek B.V. used SABA products that meet the sustainability requirements that had been set for this new-build project. For instance, various facade elements are sealed using Sababuild 650 which, due to its very low emissions and label-free properties, is highly suitable for use in BREEAM projects. The fire-resistant Sabaprotect M500 sealant, which was used to seal the Slimline floors making them smoke and fire resistant for up to 120 minutes, was also particularly appropriate for this building. Not only are both sealants free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones, they also comply with Emicode EC1 PLUS. Using products that comply with the EC1 PLUS quality mark, means the building also met BREEAM requirements.

BREAAM Excellent

The New University Building bears the BREEAM Excellent certificate. BREEAM is an international assessment method used to determine the sustainability performance of buildings. Sustainable measures were included from the beginning of the design phase and developed further with the assistance of future building occupiers to create an environment that is liveable, energy efficient, and barrier-free.

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