03 June 2020

PRESS RELEASE - SABA launches adhesive and sealant range with no hazard symbols

SABA introduces ‘a sustainable bond’. ‘A sustainable bond’ helps customers to identify adhesives and sealants that have a lower impact on people and the environment, without compromising on quality. With the choice of sustainable products that meet specific requirements in the fields of bonding, strength and resilience, SABA offers an answer to the growing demand for safer and more sustainable adhesives and sealants.

A sustainable bond

For years SABA has been a leader in the development and production of adhesives and sealants for the construction and transport industries. With ‘a sustainable bond’, SABA is launching an exceptional product range, free of hazard symbols and safe to apply.

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More people and environment-friendly

Adhesives and sealants are used in incredibly many products and therefore have a major impact on the world. With the ‘a sustainable bond’ label, SABA is aiming to make it easier for customers to choose a safer and more sustainable alternative. 

Green development and sustainable improvement

SABA’s adhesive and sealant specialists work on sustainability every day. With this, we are striving for the lowest possible environmental burden, both in the production process and at the end customer. The key focus here always lies on a balance between people, the environment and results.

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Esmee Kuster, Marketing
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