Innovating together: SABA & HAN Hydromotive

In order to be and remain a knowledge partner for you, we continually exchange knowledge with organizations including sectoral organizations, suppliers and universities. The aim is to contribute to innovation in the sector at the start of the chain. We actively seek cooperation with young people for this. One of the examples of this is the long-lasting relationship between SABA and the HAN University of Applied Sciences. 

SABA & HAN Hydromotive

An ambitious team of students at the HAN University of Applied Science worked on further developing the lightweight, aerodynamic vehicle filled with state-of-the-art technology. It is called the ABN AMRO Lease Accelerator. The vehicle is hydrogen-powered and the goal was to achieve a fuel consumption of 1 litre (converted to gasoline) per 800 km. To decrease fuel consumption, the vehicle has an aerodynamic body build out of lightweight carbon and an aluminium frame. The races were held from 2-5 of July 2019 at Mercedes-Benz World London in Brooklands. HAN Hydromotive finished in 3rd place in the UrbanConcept category.

The ABN AMRO Lease Accelerator

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"On SABA’s advice, we used a boosted flexible adhesive to bond our floor plate (with a surface area of about 1.40m by 0.5m) to the aluminum chassis. It is particularly important for the adhesive to have high tensile strength, because the adhesive is tensed. We opted for flexible bonding, because we want to bond the different (compound) materials to each other." Sam Otte Teamleader Body & Chassis, HAN Hydromotive
Sam Otte
A durable bond

In close collaboration with Sam and the team, SABA searched for the best solution for a durable bond. The video shows how the chassis is bonded with the fast, 2-component MS polymer adhesive Sabatack® Fast. An ideal adhesive for this application, due to the combination of a high initial tack and relatively fast, controlled curing. 

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