• All-round, waterproof and permanently elastic sealant based on alkoxy silicones
  • Easy to apply
  • Broad bonding spectrum, even without primer
  • Low odor
  • UV-stable


Description Sabaseal is an all-round, waterproof and permanently elastic sealant. Oxime-free, solvent-free and non-sagging, based on alkoxy silicones (1-component).

Sabaseal is suitable for sealing various dilatation and other joints in residential and non-residential construction. Such as sealing of floor and wall joints, connections to sanitary fittings in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, or glazing in windows. It can also be used as a repair sealant for silicone-based sanitary fittings, glazing or facade joints. Sabaseal is labelfree and has an extremely low emission, therefore suitable for application in BREEAM projects.
Technical details
Colours (standard) white, manhattan grey, silver grey, grey, transparant grey, seam grey, pergamon, anthracite, dust grey, slate, concrete grey, black
Packaging 400 ml sausage
Shore A hardness (EN ISO 868) ≈ 25
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  • CE marking based on EN 15651-1, Type F 25LM INT-EXT-CC, EN 15651-2, Type G 25LM CC en EN 15651-3, Type XS1
  • Complies with EMICODE EC1 plus
  • ISEGA (in connection with HACCP)
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